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“God of all hope and joy, open our hearts in welcome, that your Son Jesus Christ at his coming may find in us a dwelling prepared for himself; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever.” - New Zealand Prayer Book


When I was a child our family had a crèche set for which my father had built a stable out of wood from the trimming of a tree in our backyard. Though we never really observed “Advent” I remember that the week after Thanksgiving we would begin by bringing the stable down from the attic and setting it on the coffee table in the living room. With each week that passed we would remove from an ancient box the figures of the crèche scene. We learned, my brothers and I that we had to be very careful in unwrapping the items as they had been made by my grandmother.


There was great discussion about what would be put out when - the animals first---a donkey with only one ear, the sheep of all shapes and sizes and one black, a horse, a pig (don’t know where that came from). Then the shepherds on one side of the stable with a bunch of angels standing around and the wise men with their camels on the other side. We were deliberate but not terribly organized.
As I look back on it now my parents were very wise to allow us to work out the placement all on our own.


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picture of canon linda


Enriching our worship is the intention of the booklet that we will be using during our summer liturgies beginning on the first weekend in June. As the inside cover of the booklet indicates these texts are: “….to provide additional resources to assist worshipping communities wishing to expand the language, images and metaphors used in worship.” The Enriching Our Worship text offers a variety of three Eucharistic Prayers and we have chosen Eucharistic Prayer 3 for this summer’s worship. In the summer of 2010 we used this booklet so it may feel familiar to you.

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picture of canon linda


In 2003 a book entitled “Parting Words” was published. It is a collection of sermons Bishop Barbara Harris preached in the Diocese of Massachusetts during the year preceding her retirement. She tells a story in the sermon ‘Looking for a Savior’ that caught my attention. I want to share it with you.

“In her later years, my grandmother Mattie was in the habit of storing most of the nice gifts she received at Christmas and other occasions, in boxes up in the top of her closet. It seemed to me that she operating on the theory that somethings were just too good to use routinely and should be saved for special times or special events. One box, which contained some beautiful lingerie was marked ‘Mattie’s burial things’. My grandmother died at age 93, leaving boxes full of unused gifts, some of which—including the burial things—were full of dry rot. Why do I tell this story? Certainly not to belittle my grandmother, who was one of the greatest women I have known but to illustrate a point.”


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picture of canon linda

Dear Trinity Family,

In June of last year I announced to the Vestry and Congregation my intention to retire from my position as Rector at Trinity in November 2014. In consultation with Bishop Lee and the vestry I have continued to serve as Rector as the search process has unfolded. My desire to do so was to enable the ministry of the congregation to move forward, uninterrupted, as the earliest stages of the search process took shape. I believe that goal has been met and I trust that my presence during this phase has been beneficial and positive.


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picture of canon linda

If the only prayer you say in your life is THANK YOU that would suffice - Meister Eckhart

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ

I give thanks for our day together on Sunday, January 26, 2014, as we worshipped, shared in the business and life of our parish and enjoyed the fellowship of gathering at our Lord’s table and our luncheon table. Thank you to all of you who make the day possible.

To all who braved the cold snowy weather to attend worship,meeting and lunch

To the altar guild for their work behind the scenes in making our liturgy flow smoothly

To the ushers for offering hospitality to all who entered our building

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