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picture of praying hands

Those who have requested intercession: Joan Huff, Bill, June Early, Matthew Longhurst, John Miller & family, Shirley Roadman, Tom Potter, Sr., Dawn Young, Bob, Dick Rogers, Charles, Pat Ewert, Gar Johnson, Stacy, Pat, Don, the Marshall family, Karen Baker, Kim, and Lee Quick. 


Celebrating the anniversary of their baptism: Eric Bergman, Marie DiBello, Paul Furnish, Joanne Furnish, Cameron Petti, Caroline Senske, and Barbara Graves.


Faithfully departed: Nicki Meyer, Mary Ann, Robert Allen, and Paul Marshall. 


Serving in the military: Stephen Rudd and Brandon Cooper.


Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Intercessions are offered for the Diocese of Chicago and for our Bishops, The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee; The Rt. Rev. Christopher Epting; and the Rt. Rev. John Buchanan; and for Bishop Benito Juarez-Martinez of the Diocese of Southeast Mexico and Bishop Joseph Atem of the Diocese of Renk.