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picture of praying hands

Those who have requested intercession: Joan Huff, Bill, June Early, Matthew Longhurst, John Miller & family, Shirley Roadman, Tom Potter, Sr., Kathy, Jodi, Canon Linda, the Laka family, Andy & Junia Hedberg, Diana Navarre, the Young Family, Marianne Blair and the Lam Family, Richard & Donene Potyok, Connie Riddleberger and the Butler Family.

Celebrating the anniversary of their baptism: Keryn Stewart, Sophia Nephew, and Madeleine Nephew.

Faithfully departed: Gar Johnson, Lois Quick, Valerie, Ruth Blair, and Stephen Riddleberger.

Serving in the military: Stephen Rudd and Brandon Cooper.

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Intercessions are offered for congregations in the Waukegan Deanery: Trinity; Church of the Holy Spirit; Holy Family/Sagrada Familia; St. Lawrence; St. Paul; and our Companion Dioceses of Southeast Mexico and Renk.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Intercessions are offered for The Church of South India and the Diocese of Kanyakumari.