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Trinity is a community firmly placed in the Christian tradition as expressed in the Episcopal Church. At the same time, we are a community of seekers, coming together from a variety of traditions and denominations. We gather at Trinity because it is a place where we can ask questions and explore the meaning of faith in our lives. Trinity is a place where we can teach our children, through word and action. Trinity is also a place that provides ways to actualize our faith, sharing with those in need.

At Trinity, we believe that flexibility in who we are and how we think is an asset. So, as we tell you who we are, we acknowledge that we are a collection of worshippers who differ in many ways. We come together to grow, to worship in the Anglican tradition, to learn more about the God revealed in scripture, and to follow Jesus who calls us to serve those in need. We listen attentively to scripture. We share the bread and wine of communion each Sunday and often during the week.

The members of Trinity are intellectually curious and eager to deepen their spiritual understanding. We have a strong respect for tradition and for each other, and as a result are open to diverse and varying ideas, activities and people. We find comfort and strength in the traditions of our liturgy, but recognize that change is part of remaining relevant and vibrant. Growth through effective programs and education is essential to energize our involvement in and contributions to our community.

We endeavor to be caring stewards of our many blessings, to help those with needs greater than our own and to live our lives inspired by God’s Word.