picture of congregation

Those who have requested Intercession
Matthew Longhurst, Elizabeth Rogers, Jason, Joyce, Mike Boldus, Cindy, Veronica Wallace, Ann Mategrano, Jodi Massie, Eileen, Lanita Hagedorn, Marie DiBello, Michael Dulkinys, George Haiser, Anna Kennelly, Jim, Susan, John Rossi, Michael, Janet, Marjorie Benolken, Andrew, Loretta, Tish Ellis, Meghan, Dick, Ginny Taylor, Stan Austin & family, Kathy Mensing Griffin, Ellyn McGrath, Joe, Judy, Alan Gregory, Mary McCallum, Jim Casey, Mary Rogers, Chris, Maryfran Crist, Dena Rosebrock, Hannah Wilson, Tracy, Ava, Ben, Claire Bataille, Staci, Porter & Koubanis Family, Van Houten Family, Chari Miller, Jim, the Butler family, Carol Spector, Rachel, Lois Bruns, the Koester family, James Lawrence, the Burton family, Bruce Bell and family, John, and the Arnberger Family.
Anniversary of Baptism
Jim Butler, Tony Butler, Ryan Crocus, Nancy Moore, Linda Daniels, Katie Damitz, Carlene Porter, Jeff Dunlap, Harrison Stanek, and James Lawrence.
Faithfully Departed
Phyllis Porter, Lanie Van Houten, Jill Butler, Barry Koester, Emmalean Lawrence, and Larry Burton.
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
Intercessions are offered for Congregations in the Elgin Deanery St. Philip, Palatine; One in Christ, Prospect Heights; St. Mary, Park Ridge; St. James, West Dundee; San Juan Bautista, Diocese of Southeast Mexico; and St. Bartholomew, Diocese of Renk.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Intercessions are offered for the Diocese of Calcutta (India).