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Everyone wants to have conversations about things that matter. More than that, we believe one of the gifts communities of faith have to offer is a place to talk about the issues, concerns and passions which are on our hearts. As part of Trinity's Thrive initiative, we are conducting Conversations that Matters programs thoughout the year. These programs are designed to support Trinity congregation members as well as our broader DuPage community.

These Programs Will

  • be lively and informative discussions;
  • be led by experienced, highly recommended facilitators; and
  • provide a compassionate, thoughtful source of learning for our community.

If you have questions about this program or would like to suggest a topic, please email Trinity at office@trinitywheaton.org.

Conversations That Matter

Staying Optimistic in a Fear-Based World - October 25

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On October 25 at 7 pm, join us for a new Conversations That Matter discussion on the topic of “Fear as a Motivator: Staying Optimistic in a Fear-based World” with Michael Maniacci, a practicing Psychologist. Media and advertising messages abound about the ramifications of what will happened if you don’t buy their product or elect their candidate. Surely, bad things will happen if you don’t follow their advice. No wonder people are stressed and anxious. With the mid-term elections and Holidays approaching, stress levels may reach epic proportions.

So, how do we cope? Michael Maniacci, a practicing Psychologist, will lead a discussion on how to keep a balanced, reflective perspective. Michael will offer a few tools for recognizing the motivations of others, maintaining a healthy perspective and encouraging the same in your family and friends. We will have some fun by mixing in some humor. Michael has spoken at past Conversations That Matter events and the talks are always thoughtful and entertaining.

Doors open 6:30 pm. Discussion starts at 7 pm. Wrap-up about 8:20 pm.

Stay Tuned!

Trinity is planning more sessions for Conversations That Matter. Please visit this site in the future for announcements about new sessions or look for Conversations That Matter announcements from our social media outlets.

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