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Everyone wants to have conversations about things that matter. More than that, we believe one of the gifts communities of faith have to offer is a place to talk about the issues, concerns and passions which are on our hearts. As part of Trinity's Thrive initiative, we are conducting Conversations that Matters programs thoughout the year. These programs are designed to support Trinity congregation members as well as our broader DuPage community.

These Programs Will

  • be lively and informative discussions;
  • be led by experienced, highly recommended facilitators; and
  • provide a compassionate, thoughtful source of learning for our community.

If you have questions about this program or would like to suggest a topic, please email Trinity at office@trinitywheaton.org.

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On October 5 at 7 pm, join us for a new Conversations That Matter event on the topic of Personal Finance with Christine Benz of Morningstar. Christine will discuss successful retirement portfolio planning for both accumulators and retirees alike. She will present practical strategies for retirement portfolio plans in the current era of ultra-low yields, and share model portfolios based on Morningstar's bottom-up research.

Christine Benz is director of personal finance for Morningstar and senior columnist for Morningstar.com. She contributes several articles and videos to the website each week, focusing primarily on retirement planning and investment-portfolio strategies.

She is the author of 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances (Wiley, 2010). In addition, Benz is co-author of Morningstar® Guide to Mutual Funds: 5-Star Strategies for Success, a national bestseller published in 2003, and author of the book’s second edition, which was published in 2005.

The Conversations That Matter event with Christine Benz of Morningstar is Thursday, October 5 at 7 pm, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Wheaton IL. Doors will open at 6:30 pm with greetings and deserts beforehand.

The following are two video examples of Christine talking about personal finance topics: Myth Busters: Financial Planning Edition and Our Favorite Funds for Retirement Portfolios.

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