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Website:  www.outreachcommunityministries.com

Outreach Community Ministries and its partner churches are dedicated to providing a full range of charitable, educational, religious and community development activities.  These activities help people and the communities they live in realize their God-given potential as uniquely gifted individuals, in their family and community relationships, and in the relationship that they can have with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Wheaton Youth Outreach, a division of Outreach Community Ministries, partners with local congregations to help meet the needs of their parishioners.  Consultation, assessment and practical assistance are offered on a fee-for-service basis.

In addition to parish social work, Wheaton Youth Outreach acts as the case manager for Churches United for Hardship Assistance (CUHA).  This union of Wheaton churches pools their resources to aid Wheaton residents who are facing financial hardship.  Instead of churches discerning who receives charitable assistance, they refer those who knock on their door to WYO, so our professional staff can assist with homeless prevention funds or utilize the combined church funds to help them.