spokesThe Trinity Bike Club was started almost ten years ago when a former parishioner, Jodi Massie, suggested a group of friends from Trinity get together to ride bikes.  Soon others wanted to join the fun and a regular group of riders would meet each weekend.  Jodi would lead the pack.  Her husband, Gerald, would stay in back and make sure that nobody got lost!  One day while getting ready for the ride, the Rector - Linda Potter - walked by and suggested we call our group, the "Holy Spokes"!  And the name stuck like dirt to a greasy chain.  The 'Spokes have ridden all over the area and have also participated in charity rides together.   

Sadly, Gerald and Jodi moved away to Texas but promise to join us when they are in the area.  But the story of the Holy Spokes continues.  We will use this site to relive funny stories and we welcome new riders to help us write more!  (First names will only be used to protect the guilty!)

Now why does Holy Spokes get their own webpage?  Because the Trinity Web Administrator is one of them!