Outreach is expressing our love for God, our neighbors and ourselves by stepping outside our church walls and caring for those in need. This ministry takes us beyond just making charitable contributions to actively journeying with our neighbors.

Jodi Jenkins Massie, Trinity Parishioner

Outreach Grant

The Trinity Outreach Commission is accepting applications for Outreach funding for the next calendar year. The maximum amount to be awarded to any organization will be $500 (US). The deadline for 2020 funding is January 15, 2020. Notification of awards will be after April 1, 2020. Applications may be completed online or downloaded (in PDF format)

Outreach Commission

Oversees our various Outreach ministries and decides how funds allocated for Outreach are disbursed. This commission meets about once a month. For more information, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Christmas Sharing

We, along with a number of other churches, help more than 90 families have wonderful Christmases by providing them with food and gifts. There are LOTS of ways to be involved in a variety of levels (mostly in late Nov. and Dec).

Habitat for Humanity

Once a year, a group of parishioners support the work done by Habitat for Humanity by heading to a build site.

Midwest Shelter for Vets

We are neighbors to one of the homes used by the Midwest Shelter for Vets. We have partnered with them in a number of ways over the years.

Trinity Events