picture of trinity volunteers

This month’s Trinity Outreach grant of $500 has been awarded to Feed My Starving Children in response to a request made by Judy Morgan. This is a Christian, nonprofit organization that provides food specifically formulated for children who are severely malnourished. There are several different powdered formulas including one for infants, one for those experiencing gastrointestinal upsets and one to reverse malnutrition. These formulas are packaged by volunteers at various facilities around the country and have been distributed in over 70 countries. Like many organizations, FMSC has had some difficulties during the pandemic. Because of the social distancing, there have been fewer volunteers. Trinity has been participating by providing teams to package the formulas for a number of years (until the pandemic) and has also supported FMSC financially. FMSC has CharityNavigator’s highest rating with 92% of donations going to feeding programs.