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For many years, Trinity has been an overnight site for PADS. One night a month, we would not only provide the physical space (Millett Hall) but also the volunteers to staff the site. On other nights, partner churches would handle the staffing when the guests stayed at Trinity. As things are opening up, plans are being made for PADS guests to return to Trinity this fall. For the past several years, Gerald Massie has acted as Trinity’s PADS coordinator and liaison with the PADS organization and our partner churches. We are grateful for all his work! Because he is moving, we need to find a person (or persons) to replace him.

Here is his description of the tasks that are included in this position:
  • Scheduling Trinity volunteers on nights we host (and finding replacements)
  • Coordinating set-up and meal service
  • Ensuring supplies are on hand (both for our nights and when other churches host)
  • Ensuring the facility is operational (lights, kitchen, HVAC, etc.)
  • Coordinating with other host churches
    • Scheduling
    • Opening/Closing
  • Coordinating with PADS for special needs
    • Wheelchairs
    • Electronics
    • o Wifi and communication
  • Communication (Letting everyone know initiatives and program status)
It would be wonderful to find one person who is willing to handle all these tasks; alternatively, the job could be shared by a group of volunteers – making Gerald really aware of how much he has done! If you are interested in helping with the PADS coordinator job (or part of it), please email Nancy Moore, Liz Lanning or Father Kevin Caruso.