dupage pads logoPADS looking for volunteers and donations – 

 Question: Do you like the smell and feel of clean sheets and towels? (Ahhh, who doesn't like the scent of fresh clean linens?!) Our guests at the Interim Housing Center love this, too! Please bring comfort and smiles to DuPagePads' families and individuals by volunteering to help launder towels, blankets, and sheets for their rooms. Training is provided; no experience needed. This is truly a critical service. Thank you for volunteering! PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THE LAUNDRY TEAM, PROVIDING CLEAN SHEETS AND TOWELS TO OUR GUESTS. 

URGENTLY NEEDED: WE ARE ALMOST OUT OF MICROWAVABLE FOOD GUESTS CAN PREPARE IN THEIR ROOMS Guests have only a small fridge and a microwave oven in their rooms. Food items that require preparation must be completely microwavable.  

 Microwavable foods include:     Other popular items include: 
 Hormel Compleats (60 Second Meals)      Vienna Sausage or jerky 
 Mac & Cheese Cups      Tuna & Chicken (all pop top) 
 Chef Boyardee(with Pop Tops)      Granola Bars  
 Instant Rice & Pasta Pouches      Cheeze-Its 
 Meat Sticks    Cookies of all kinds 
 Instant Oatmeal      Microwave Popcorn  
 Microwavable Veggie Steamers     Fruit Cups  & Juice


Here is a complete list of urgently needed items https://bit.ly/3uvcQeD  

Drop off Location and Time: 

DuPagePads Client Service Center Donation Box: 

703 West Liberty Drive 

Wheaton, IL 60187 

Donation Attendants are available to help Wednesday - Friday 12:00pm-4:00pm. 

To schedule a donation outside of these times, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

To donate directly from your home, please See our Amazon Wishlist   

To make a monetary donation, please click here DuPagePads Emergency Response Fund