Trinity recenty awarded Haiti Scholars an Outreach Grant.  

What do Naperville, IL and Mariani, Haiti have in common?? HAITI SCHOLARS!!!

Haiti Scholars is a ministry founded by the Our Savior Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Naperville. It is now a 501 (3)(c) organization whose mission is to provide support to the students and families of the town Mariani, Haiti.

Haiti Scholars partners with Haitian educators and the community to provide children with opportunities and resources for a quality education. The aim is to serve the "whole child" through education, health, food, and humanitarian assistance so that they can live productive lives.

One example of this is in the following note from the head of the school, Centre D’Etudes Lumiere that is part of the Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti. The school is in the town of Mariani – a town that is south of the capital, Port-au-Prince. A message from Pastor Valcourt:

“We had a very good week of medical activities with physicals of students (including parents), teachers, support staff and management staff. All were motivated to make this program successful and to receive health care. A total of 447 people benefited from a medical check-up thanks to Haiti Scholars. On behalf of the community, I thank you and all those who have infinitely contributed in one way or another to the success of the program."

Providing health care to the students and their families is just one part of the ministry. Through donations Haiti Scholars donations from school supplies to water treatment facilities have been provided to the families in the town.