Members of Trinity are invited to reflect on the places and experiences in which they have felt God’s presence by submitting photographs of these “thin spaces”.

… It’s easier to say what a thin place is not. A thin place is not necessarily a tranquil place, or a fun one, or even a beautiful one, though it may be all of those things too. Disney World is not a thin place. Nor is Cancún. Thin places relax us, yes, but they also transform us — or, more accurately, unmask us. In thin places, we become our more essential selves.  Eric Weiner, NYTimes

Where have you felt connected to God? On a hike, sailing, or in a worship space?  Have you felt God’s presence as an experience that you can illustrate with a photo – seeing a natural wonder, a newborn puppy, or on a visit to a family elder?  Our exhibit will begin at Easter and be an ongoing presentation throughout the year. Please email your digital photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Photos are being accepted now!

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