picture of congregation

Those who have requested Intercession
Matthew Longhurst, Elizabeth Rogers, Mike Boldus, Cindy, Veronica Wallace, Ann Mategrano, Jodi Massie, Eileen, Marie DiBello, Dorothy Wellman, Jim, Susan, Meghan, Michael, Terry, Jim Stewart, Peggy Ehrisman, Christine Bork, the Sorsa family, the Bataille family, the Olden family, the Ready Family, Gloria Simon, Camile Bowman, Kathy Schofield, Margaret Pfaffle, Cole, Fernando Gutierrez, the Fay Family, Jackie Haiser, the Stewart/Miller family, Marie Caluski, Marco Gargiullo, Sue Travis, Dave, Susie Surate, Alaina Smith, Roger Smiitter, David, Sally, and Bill Snyder.
Faithfully Departed
Bill Fay, Jean Stewart, George Haiser, Anna Kennelly and Cheryl Smiitter.
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
Intercessions are offered for Congregations in the Chicago-South Deanery: Brent House Campus Ministry at the University of Chicago; the Chapel at Montgomery Place; South Loop Campus Ministry; Grace Place in Chicago; Holy Cross in Chicago; Holy Nativity in Chicago; La Santa Cruz in Diocese of Southeast Mexico; and St. Peter, Diocese of Renk.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Intercessions are offered for the Diocese of Maridi (South Sudan).