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Those who have requested Intercession
Let us keep in our prayers Matthew Longhurst, Mike Boldus, Cindy, Jodi Massie, Eileen, Marie DiBello, Dorothy Wellman, Jim, Susan, Meghan Dongarra, Jim Stewart, Sue Travis, Cole, Nancy Ettl, Barbara Byington, Hunter Byington, Gloria Simon, Michael, Karen McNish, Mary Stelletello, the Spector family, Elaine, Kathy Mensing Griffin, Beth Stewart Miller, Fred & Bunny Jenkins, Kevin, Bob Thomas, Helen Mensing, the Bullitt & Hauslein families, Kenzie Reed, Dave Jenkins, Emma Vercoe, Ben, the Farrish family, the Roque family, and the people of the Diocese of Renk.
Faithfully Departed
Faithfully Departed: Betty McCabe, Nancy Thomas, Jim Bullitt, Ethel Ashbaugh, Diane Fox, Ken Farrish, and Magno Roque.
Serving In The Military
Billy Clarke