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Those who have requested Intercession

We pray for our neighbors and all who need or request our prayers including the Bunny, the Cohen family, Kate, Dennis and Mary Lou, an Anonymous Parish Family, Leslie, Eileen, Dwayne, Judy, Terry, Cara, Nicholas, Jeanne, Will, Jodi, Joan, Pat, Kathy, Ally, Rodney, Christopher, Jerome, Greg, Barb, Jim, Mary Ann, Joyce, Trish, Sutherland family, John, Pamela, Sharon, the Korty family, Bonnie, the Priebe family, Butch, John, Donna Lee, Chris, Betsy, Kate, Owen, Louie, Kathy, Jeff, Caroline, Kate, Liz R., Rachel, Liz, Fr. Caine, Carol, Diocese of Southeast Mexico, Phyllis, Marie, Susan, Jim, Gloria, Hunter & Barbara, Marthajo, Leslie, Sue, Barbara, Katherine, Matthew, Cole, the people of the Diocese of Renk and all those affected by the violence in the Middle East. 

Faithfully Departed
William Landry Jr., Cindy Delulio, Robert Morrison, Liz Calhoun, Alice Cornwall, Andrea Cohen, Kristen and Jerome Wittkoski.

Please email prayer requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Submit Prayer Request through our online form.

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