picture of congregation

Those who have requested Intercession
Let us keep in our prayers Matthew, Mike, Cindy, Veronica, Ann, Jodi, Eileen, Marie, Dorothy, Jim, Susan, Meghan, Jim, Sue Travis, Nancy, Cole, Nancy Ettl, Magno, Millie, Brooke, Nancy Thomas, Ismet, Mary, the Custer family, Molly, Peter, the Rogers family, Marco Gargiullo, Woody, June, Jean, the Brauer family, Rob, Susan, Barbara Byington, Hunter Byington, Gloria Simon, Chris Ponstein and family, Kristin, Betty Mc Cabe, Patti Ridenour, the Eissmann family, Jay, Letty, the Hagedorn family, Scott, Kathy, Emily, Theresa, Barbara, Paul Thielander, Gary Peters, Larry Danielson, Chris, Gudrun, Jason, Josie, & William Fisher, Katarina Mackovic, Jason & Family, Kayla Heier, health care providers, hospital chaplains, all who are affected by the pandemic and the people of the Diocese of Renk.
Faithfully Departed
Lanita Hagedorn, Dolly, Kirsten Danielson, and Joe.
Serving In The Military
Billy Clarke