picture of congregation

Those who have requested Intercession

We pray for our neighbors and all who need or request our prayers including Matthew, Mike, Jodi, Eileen, Marie, Dorothy, Jim, Susan, Megan, Jim, Cole, Gloria, Hunter & Barbara, Katherine, Vickie, Marthajo, Kathy, Bishop Elect Rev. Paula Clark, Robert, Leslie, Sue, Maryna, The People of Ukraine, Sue, Sarah, Jo, Sylvia, Larry, The Lindenbaum family, Barb, Mike, Jack, Katie, Bob, Jerry, Char, Millie, Helen, Terry, Judy, Steve, Bruce, Deborah, Doris, Dave, Heather, Steve, Jan, Ruth, Kate, Emy, Scarlet, Selena, Shelly, Em, Asena, Al and our health care providers, all who are affected by the pandemic and the people of the Diocese of Renk.

Faithfully Departed
Katarina Mackovic, Dr. Sandra E. Lowe, Richard Daniels, Diane Vie and Doris Hobaugh

Please email prayer requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Submit Prayer Request through our online form.