picture of congregation

Those who have requested Intercession
Matthew Longhurst, Elizabeth Rogers, Mike Boldus, Cindy, Veronica Wallace, Ann Mategrano, Jodi Massie, Eileen, Marie DiBello, Dorothy Wellman, Jim, Susan, Meghan, Michael, Jim Stewart, Sue Travis, Amaliyah Shallwani, Gloria Simon, Roy McNish, Cole, Jean Allmart, the Berger family, the Norris family, Susan Nelson, John Rossi, Wanda Stupik, Jon, Megan, and Every Ellison, Kris Wilson, Eve, Durema Kohl, Margie, Marco Gargiulo, Nancy Ettl, the Spector family, Millie Hoffman, Liz Thomas, the Barton Myers family, Pete, Linda Taylor, Erika, Cathy Beth Miller/Stewart, Nancy Thomas, Joyce Brown, Emy, Alice Butler, Ed Chavez, and the people of the Diocese of Renk.
Anniversary of Baptism
Jeanne Hoffman, Evelyn Bagley, and Reese Bagley.
Faithfully Departed
Mary Hagn, Vicki Myers, Tom, Connie Riddleberger, Kenneth Stewart, and Irene Chavez
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
Intercessions are offered for Congregations in the Rockford Deanery; Grace Place Campus Ministries at Northern Illinois University; Holy Trinity in Belvidere; St. Paul in DeKalb; St. Luke in Dixon; Grace in Freeport; St. Andrew’s-in-the-Fields in Farm Ridge; La Transfiguración; Diocese of Southeast Mexico; and St. Michael, Diocese of Renk.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Intercessions are offered for the Diocese of Puerto Rico.