reflection of words old testament on book

The Saturday morning study group will be using a resource entitled The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism and Christianity. The Hebrew Scriptures, what Christians call the “Old Testament” and Jews call the “Bible,” are the basis of both Judaism and Christianity. In this study we will survey how this work of literature, through interpretation and re-interpretation, spawned two different belief systems. Topics to be surveyed include: canon and prophecy; exegesis and Midrash; Shabbat and Sunday; temple, synagogue, church; the Oral Torah and the Logos; sin and righteousness; messiah and redemption.

The material we will be using is a video presentation from the Harvard University free university project. It is of a course offered at Harvard by Professor Shaye J.D. Cohen. We expect to be following this material for about 26 weeks, but there are natural breaks in the material that would allow someone to come in and go out if that were necessary.

We would be delighted for anyone who might be interested to join us at 9:30 am in Room U25 downstairs. That is the room across from the choir room. If you have questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..