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For 2020, the Outreach commission is trying a new way of getting input from the Parish about which charities receive money from Trinity. With that in mind, please consider submitting a proposal for an organization which you feel would benefit from our support in the coming year. Please note that the plan for the coming year is that Outreach will continue to support our outreach partners, such as the Diocese of Renk, People’s Resource Center, ESSE, Midwest Vets, etc., as it has done in the past. We are seeking to expand our community involvement with these additional proposals. Deadline for proposals for 2020 is January 15, 2020. Decisions will be made and requestor will be notified of the results by April 1, 2020.

Examples of possible charities include: My Little Roses (orphanage in Honduras), Gigi’s Playhouse (enabling persons with Downs Syndrome to reach their full potential), RIP Medical Debt (relieving medical debt for those who cannot pay those bills). There are surely many more.

For this year (2020), the maximum amount to be awarded to any organization will be $500. Requestor are strongly encouraged to work with the Outreach Commission to find ways to raise additional funds or material for the specific charity such as bulletin inserts, announcements during church services, special collections during services, sales of products (if applicable), etc.

Each monetary award is good for one year; the request can be re-filed in the following year, if desired. Additional copies of the request forms can be downloaded from the Trinity website, completed online at the Trinity website or found in the church office in the Outreach mailbox. Completed forms should be placed in the church office in the Outreach mailbox.