picture of person alone

Please join us at 6:30 pm for a special liturgy that will include readings, poems, reflections, simple music, an opportunity for healing prayer, and a celebration of the Eucharist.

For many the holidays are a complicated time. It is a time when some people find themselves in the wilderness. It is a time when some people acutely feel a sense of grief or loss amidst the celebrations and parties. It might be that Christmas brings memories of loved ones lost, or brings to the surface complicated family relationships, or [fill in the blank with whatever makes the holidays hard for you]. This worship service is specifically designed to make space for anyone experiencing sadness, anger, grief or loss. It is also a service for those who feel called to be present with those experiencing these sorts of emotions.

In designing this liturgy, it is our intention to:

  • + Honor life’s difficulties without being morose or maudlin.
  • + Impart hope and grace without conveying false hope or cheap grace.
  • Create a safe space for people to be present to the truth of whatever it is they are feeling.