picture of bible

All are welcome to join us each Saturday morning for Adult Study. We are currently studying Understanding the Old Testament. Christians and Jews share a set of sacred writings that Christians call the Old Testament and Jews call the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible. It is a collection of literature of many genres: narrative, philosophy, poetry, invective, history, and mystic vision. The structure of the course consists of 24 half hour presentations, each followed by group discussion of what we have heard and learned. It will be helpful if participants have available a “study Bible”, that is a Bible with annotations and notes.

We are currently meeting on Zoom (Meeting ID: 893 3309 1187; Password: 60187) at 9:30 am.

Although the Saturday morning group has been together for some time, we would be thrilled to welcome new members to join us for this survey of the literature that gave rise to our own faith tradition.