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Lawrence Hall’s Expressive Therapies program was the recipient of a 2020 Trinity Outreach grant. Here is more information about this organization: Lawrence Hall’s mission is to improve the lives of at-risk children and their families. Their continuum of care embraces children of trauma, heals the neglected, and creates resilient futures. In fiscal year 2020, Lawrence Hall served 1,016 youth and 501 families, of whom over 85% were black or brown.

Throughout all of Lawrence Hall’s programs, youth are offered clinical care through traditional mental health and medical services, as well as Therapeutic Recreation and Expressive (music) Therapies (ET). The goals of the ET program are to bring about positive behavioral and emotional change in children by using music as a means to reconcile psychological conflicts and foster self-awareness. Through this alternative therapeutic approach, youth will often share issues they would feel uncomfortable revealing through more traditional means. ET can also serve as a diagnostic tool. Often what a child expresses through music will reveal issues such as psychological or neurological disorders and abuse to the therapist.

For more information, go to https://www.lawrencehall.org/our-programs/therapeutic-treatment/