picture of haiti scholars thank you card

First – Thank you so much to the Outreach Commission and to Trinity for the $500.00 grant. The funds went along way to helping students and their families who otherwise would not be able to continue their education.

Haiti Scholars, Inc. is an organization and mission that grew out of a mission trip to Centre D’Etudes Lumiere in Mariani, Haiti. (Mariani is in the southern part of the country on the Port au Prince Bay.) The organization is funded by individuals but had its start as a mission trip taken to Haiti by members of Our Savior Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Naperville. The decision to form a non-profit group was to allow them to apply for grants and to seek donations outside of the church. The group was so taken with the students, teachers (who work under difficult circumstances) and families of Centre D’Etudes Lumiere that they returned home and started to work on how they could provide meaningful help them. They are truly called to this ministry of hope and opportunity for all in Mariani, Haiti.

Haiti Scholars provides supplies, teacher support and most important, support to the students and their families. Over the last year Haiti Scholars has provided to the school and to the student’s families:

  • ⦁ 180 Food Kits and Hand Washing Stations
  • Donations for 1000 Masks to be sewn in Haiti and given to the community
  • Humanitarian Relief for those teacher’s unpaid salary while the school was closed
  • Shipped seven 30-gallon barrels filled with school supplies.

It is hoped in the following year to provide the following to the school and students:

  • ⦁ Help support 2 English teachers, computer lab manager and liason officer
  • ⦁ Continue with teacher training
  • ⦁ Ship 12 thirty-gallon barrels of school supplies
  • ⦁ Deploy 26 Uzima® water filtration systems
  • ⦁ Continue to provide deworming medication to all 532 students.

Again, thank you so much for supporting this ministry.


Espwa ak lanmou (hope and love in Haitian Creole)