St. Julian's Guild Teddy Bear Celebration - October 16


Please join us Sunday, Oct. 16 for a Festive Coffee Hour with tasty tidbits, pastries and more, YUM! Whether you’re a 10:00 regular, or attend another service, we hope all can come for this joyful occasion. You’ll see the blessing of the bears and you can visit our bear “tagging table” during Coffee Hour. This celebration will recognize the many years St. Julian’s Guild has been a part of Trinity. We’ll be partnering the retirement of St. Julian’s Guild with our Annual Collection of Teddy Bears. These Bears are donated annually to Bishop Anderson House to be distributed at a local hospital. It’s a wonderful way to bring joy and healing to patients, young and old!

Donations for additional bears can be made by dropping a check in the donation plate, mailing a check to the office (please indicate Teddy Bear Ministry in memo), or through Trinity’s online giving: choose option, Teddy Bears.  

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions.

Calling All Gardeners

This year, planting-wise, Trinity will be joining a growing movement of planting flowers, etc., native to Northern Illinois. And we’ll be transitioning to planting perennials rather than annuals. We’ve formed the Gardening Task Force to select plants and find sources for the selections. If you are interested in gardening and this new approach to choosing plants, don’t hesitate to email Bernie Ishmael, who has graciously agreed to organize the effort, or call (630)222-3050 and join the group.

Service Opportunities

There is an old saying that “many hands make light work”. In the context of our common life as a congregation, the corollary of this is “many volunteers make the task easier.” This is especially true of our worship services. There are many opportunities to participate in services as a worship leader:

  • Reader
  • Leading the Prayers of the People
  • Helping to distribute communion
  • Singing in the choir (and/or ringing bells)
  • Serving as an acolyte
  • Being an usher

Within some limits, these opportunities are not limited by age or other factors. Youth can help lead the prayers or read a lesson. Adults can serve as acolytes. We have youth who are ushers and have had both adults and youth who contribute to the music we all enjoy by singing in the vocal choir or playing bells in the bell choir.

At this time, as we are coming back together as a congregation to worship, we are in need of volunteers for all of these ministries. If you are interested in exploring an opportunity to participate in one or more of them, please email Deacon Jim, Deacon Brenda,  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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