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The earliest followers of Jesus were known as people of the Way. Using language which harkens back to this ancient identity, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has invited all Episcopalians to reflect on what it means to walk the Way of Love made known by Jesus. This approach invites us to focus on what practices make up a healthy life of faith. They suggest 7: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest.

This year, our formation classes will be using this framework as a point of departure. Each month our classes will focus on one of the practices. As a way of walking with them, the bulletin will include information for the rest of the parish on which practices they are thinking about.

Sunday School Contacts

For more information about Trinity's Sunday School program, please contact:

Charles Murphy
email: cmurphy@trinitywheaton.org
Phone: 773-366-4516