Re-Entry Plans Update

As of April 12, 2021, Trinity will conduct in-person services under the guidelines of the State of Illinois and the Diocese of Chicago. In-person worship is limited and requires reservations. Since health requirements change rapidly, we ask that you check the Service Schedule for updates or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

COVID Procedures


Trinity is happy that you are visiting. We want to assure you that we follow the State of Illinois and Diocese of Chicago health guidelines and err on the side of caution. If you do not feel comfortable attending in-person worship, we invite you to attend our Streaming Service on Facebook on Sunday and on Zoom during the rest of the week. Please visit our Service Schedule for more information.

Entry Procedures

  • Entry for in-person worship is limited to one entrance from the rear parking lot. Participants are requested to enter into Millet Hall (entrance is at top of wheelchair ramp).
  • A Trinity representative will ask you several health questions in accordance with prevailing guidelines.
  • Once inside Millet Hall, another Trinity representative will read your temperature. You may be asked for a second reading if your temperature is abnormal.
  • After the temperature reading, please pick up a bulletin from the next station and provide your name to the Trinity seating representative. At that time, you will receive a ticket for each seat that you reserved.
  • Follow instructions for directions to the entrance of the main church. (Please note: the Chapel is currently closed for in-person worship)
  • Once at the entrance to the main church, an Usher will seat you.
  • Please follow announcements for how to exit church at the conclusion of the service.
  • We apologize in advance if we need to request that you do not attend worship due to COVID guidelines. You may be asked to exit the facilities or wait for your party in a separate room. Your cooperation is appreciated.
NOTE: Masks are required in the building at all times. Hand sanitizer stations are avialable throughout the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Trinity offer alternative services if I do not feel comfortable attending in-person worship?
Yes! Trinity offers Zoom worship for most of its services and programs. Please check the Service Schedule or Trinity News. Sunday worship at 10:00 am is streamed on our Facebook site.

Are reservations required for in-person worship?
Yes. Please make your reservations on our Sign-Up Genius site. Note: you do not need to create a Sign-Up Genius account. You may email Reservations if you have additional questions.

Do I need to reserve a seat for each member of my party or can I make a single reservation for my entire party.
You may make a single reservation but you are required to reserve a seat for each member of your party.

Why do I need to answer health and travel questions prior to entry to the Church?
Trinity will follow the guidelines of the State of Illinois and the Diocese of Chicago. Please do not be offended if we have to turn you away due to one of your answers. We offer online alternatives to all of our services.

I am fully vaccinated. Do I need to wear a mask?
Yes. Trinity requires that all persons inside the facilities wear a mask.

Why doesn't Trinity sing hymns?
Under the current health guidelines, singing contributes to the spreading of the COVID virus. Trinity is currently providing organ music or music from electronic media. You are more than welcome to hum along with the music.

Why aren't the full sacraments provided at Communion?
The sharing of wine does not meet the current health guidelines. When attending communion, you will receive the host (bread wafer) during service. This is acceptable for communion in the Episcopal Church.

Faith Is Never Cancelled

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I miss you!!! It is hard to believe we haven't been together for in-person worship for weeks... But that being said, I am blown away by the ways you are finding to be Christ's heart and hands in the world. Keep it up... Keep looking for ways to support one another... Keep looking for ways to support the most vulnerable... Keep washing your hands... Keep up the practices around social isolation because it is an act of Love... Keep praying for strength and wisdom in the weeks ahead... If you have any particular needs you need help with, please let me know! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.