Current Practice

With the consent of the Diocese of Chicago, Trinity will offer the distribution of wine from the common cup during Eucharist. The chalice will be made available for receiving a sip of wine or for intinction (dipping the host in the wine). Parish members are encouraged to use the provided hand sanitizer before coming forward for communion and Lay Eucharist Minister and clergy will wear face coverings while distributing communion. Questions? Contact any member of the clergy, staff or the wardens.

Worship Courtesies and Requirements

Maintain Social Distance

We ask that everyone continue to maintain a social distance of three feet from others outside their immediate group/pod.

Stay Masked

We recommend that everyone NOT involved in leading worship stay masked. Worship leaders will help to model this behavior by continuing to wear masks when they are not leading a part of the service and only removing their masks to read or otherwise lead a portion of the service.

Reserved Pews

We will continue to reserve pews in both the church and the chapel for those who wish to assure social distancing and masks will be mandatory for people sitting in those sections.

Other Covid Courtesies and Requirements

Offering Plates

We will be restoring the practice of offering plates and ask that the ushers maintain their hold on the plates while allowing persons to drop any offering into them from the ends of the pews. We will also provide cards indicating that the person has used the online or automatic systems to make their offering. Both the collection and the communion elements will once again be brought forward for blessing and use during communion.

Passing the Peace

We will be allowing physical contact during the peace but ask that congregants respect the wishes of their fellow congregants. If the person you are approaching appears at all reluctant, simply nod to them or use some other form of non-contact greeting.

Coffee Hour

We are restoring the custom of coffee hour, using pre-wrapped items in addition to liquid refreshment. We recommend wearing a mask unless you are consuming something. Also, as the weather improves, people may wish to make use of the patio that overlooks the parking lot as a space to greet others. Science has shown that outdoor venues are safer than indoor venues.